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The 3 B’s Program


A Unique Perspective on Anti-Bullying

The bullying epidemic is real and it leads to lasting scars. Bullying hurts, and our sons and daughters feel the pain. In our constant endeavour to prevent bullying, we need to help our youth build the courage and strength to confront bullying with clarity and confidence–before it’s too late.

The Youth with Purpose 3 B’s Program is a unique bullying prevention program, created by Linda-Ann Bowling, Master Coach & Program Facilitator. It is a self-empowerment program for youth aged 11 to 19 that utilizes experiential and interactive learning guided by horses.

Thomas shares the story of his struggles with bullying, the consequences of his choices, and the courage to make a decision that would change his life forever, guided by his healing horse, Kairon.


Watch the video below to witness tragedy transform into a life lesson:

Many youth know the pain of bullying all too well. Bullying can affect all aspects of youths’ lives. It can damage self-image and self-esteem, and have youth questioning their self-worth.   Bullying casts youth into one of three roles: Bully, Bullied, or Bystander: Anti-Bullying Program l Unbridling Your Brilliance   The bullied: Bullying is an assault and self mastery is a strong defence The bully: Every bully is meeting an emotional need destructively The bystander: Witnesses feel intimidated, guilty, fearful, and helpless Each role often feels powerless to rewrite their life “script,” and all three roles need personal mastery tools to rise above bullying.

Re-Write the Bullying Script

The answer is mindful anti-bullying activities and innovative bullying prevention programs. The Youth with Purpose 3 B’s Program helps youth to become strong Directors of their own lives, navigating safely and with greater confidence through the help of two- and four-legged friends.

This anti-bullying program will empower youth to:

  • Take the reins of compassionate leadership, with genuine confidence and self-esteem
  • Take life challenges in stride by finding balance in the saddle of life
  • Gallop to success with self-trust and improved communication skills
  • Learn healthy boundaries of respect for self and others
  • Stay Balanced in the saddle of mental, physical and emotional needs

Lessons from the barn also apply to the arena of life. These lessons help youth to improve relationships with themselves and others. As their awareness increases, they will find ways to stop being the bully, the bullied or the bystander, ultimately finding the confidence to stop and prevent bullying altogether. This is a non-riding program (some riding may be included). No horse experience is necessary– all work is done safely on the ground.

How Does Equine Guided Learning Empower Youth in This Anti-Bullying Program?

With the horse as willing teacher, healer, and guide, partnering with horses provides powerful, sustainable learning to:

  • Build self-trust and trust for others,
  • Learn how to safely work together with others,
  • Be responsible and accept responsibility,
  • Have a newfound clarity of purpose,
  • Develop mutual respect, and
  • Develop other life skills.

Youth With Purpose’s Anti-bullying program uses the Heart Mind Coaching™ method developed by Linda-Ann based on the principles of Equine Therapy. Here, the Youth experience opportunities for self-reflection and self-appraisal, experiential learning, and the ability to practice emerging life skills through a growing relationship with the horse.


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