Frequently Asked Questions

What is Horse-Facilitated Learning?
  • As highly intelligent and intuitive animals, horses act as mirrors. They providing us with real-time feedback on our leadership presence and skills.
  • Horses are very effective teachers, providing personal insight and awareness, and encouraging self-improvement through transformational learning.
  • This is an incredibly powerful process of self-discovery that creates an internal shift in our belief system and catalyzes an “inside-out” shift in worldviews.

An action never before considered becomes a reality. Once you tap into this internal well of possibility, you will be amazed at the results you achieve!

Will we be riding the horses?
No, this program is purely experiential in nature.  All activities are done in a supervised format through ground exercises supported by highly skilled Safety Support Advocates who watch for your safety and the safety and comfort of the horses.
Does the workshop run during bad weather?
Yes. We ask that everyone dress for all types of weather.  We continue whether it rains or not., however we do have a covered area to work under.
What should I wear?
Please dress comfortably and causally. Closed toed shoes are mandatory, and boots are highly recommended; runners are fine.
Why Horses?
Horses have proven to be incredible teachers of leadership and team work. Respect as a leader is earned by the presence that we bring to our relationships, and the clarity from which we act. Horses insist on knowing who is leading each step of the way, and that we are purposeful and centered within ourselves. This program will have a profound and lasting impact on your understanding of what makes a true leader, and will dramatically improve your leadership skills. You will also be reminded of the importance of bringing humour, fun, and play into the workplace.

We have worked with leaders, teams, individuals, and entrepreneurs from Intrawest Properties, eBay, University of Fraser Valley, Fraser Health Authority, BC Hydro, City of Vancouver, Canfor, RCMP, and the Justice Institute. Leaders and teams who have experienced this program continue to provide feedback many weeks and months after about the powerful learning they experienced with the horses. 

These types of programs are being offered all over the world including Canada, US, Europe, Asia, and South America. Leading universities use this work in their leadership programs and it is also used by medical students and other healthcare students at institutions such as Stanford Medical School to teach interns bedside manner in a professional, sensitive, perceptive, confident, and authentic manner.  Horse facilitated learning programs are quickly gaining credibility as one of the most incredible experiential learning programs available.

Will I have my own horse?
This depends on the number of people who attend.  Typically there is one horse between 2-3 people.
What if I am afraid of horses?
We will ensure your safety and comfort at all times. This is why we have a team of life-long horse people to help support you throughout the program. Our horses are very gentle, have plenty of experience with this work, and love human interaction. Horses and humans alike are all specifically trained to do this work. We will teach you what you need to know to move through any fear or anxiety you might experience

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