Empowerment from the Inside Out!

Unbridling Your Brilliance

Empowerment from the Inside Out
The mission of Unbridling Your Brilliance is to empower you to not just dream new possibilities, but to get there by living your life on purpose, doing it passionately, and fulfilling your soul’s divine mission! Everyday! Our equine assisted learning programs can help you get there. 


Life Coaching with Horses

Horse guided learning is an extremely powerful process that focuses on self-development and personal change by harnessing the intuitive and empathetic nature of horses. Learn new practices to achieve success in life and relationships, develop your leadership skills, and learn how to find synergy and balance in life, as you surround yourself by nature.
Learn more about our Life Coaching Programs. Find out more…


Hug a Horse Program for Seniors

A unique program that provides seniors with the opportunity to connect with others, enjoy nature in a rural atmosphere, and interact with horses in a safe environment. An experience that will benefit them physically, emotionally, and mentally!
Learn more about the Hug a Horse Program. Find out more…


H.E.A.L. – Horses Empowering Authentic Living 

The H.E.A.L. program is specifically focused on women who have experienced violence or abuse. Violence and abuse can cause terrible physical and emotional pain, and this program is designed to provide a true healing experience using the equine facilitated learning approach. Learn more about H.E.A.L. program. Find out more…


Serenity With Horses

Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder or addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, or even video games, the horses can help you along your road to recovery. The way to freedom is by learning unconditional love and acceptance through the wisdom of the horse. Healing and transformation is yours to claim if you are willing to show up, be fully present, and put in the work. Find out more…



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