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Hug a Horse for Seniors

Hug a Horse Seniors Program 

Reigniting passion, purpose, and possibility in our senior’s community!

Do you know that 1 in 4 seniors live alone and half of all seniors suffer from isolation due to health related immobility? Can you imagine how your loved one might feel in the company of beautiful horses as friends and companions?


Our vision is to provide seniors with the opportunity to connect with others, enjoy nature in a rural atmosphere, and interact with horses in a safe environment. We are committed to providing them with an experience that will benefit them physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Seniors Program Vancouver l Unbridling Your Brilliance

Hug a Horse Program Offers

  • An opportunity to socialize,
  • Exercise and fresh air,
  • A relaxing atmosphere, being surrounded by nature,
  • An opportunity to reconnect with horses, or experience the thrill of horses for the first time, and
  • Experiencing the well-documented calming effect of animals.
Hug a Horse Seniors Program l Unbridling Your Brilliance

Program Benefits: Physical, Mental & Emotional

  • Increased neck and thoracic spine extension,
  • Mobilization of shoulder girdle with increased shoulder flexion,
  • Strengthening of the muscles of the shoulder girdle,
  • Activation of the balance mechanism while standing,
  • Increased strength of the core muscles and the legs,
  • Expansion of the rib cage opening the lungs,
  • Increased circulation while standing,
  • A sense of calm and wellbeing,
  • Connecting with other seniors in a safe environment, and
  • Sharing stories and memories together.
Seniors Program Vancouver l Unbridling Your Brilliance

Practices/Activities may include

  • Simple stretches with the horses, even reaching up to the neck of the horse in a hug provides muscle release and builds strength.
  • Where appropriate, some yoga poses with the horses (for those with increased mobility).
  • Leading a horse with support to build strength and improve circulation.
  • Horse painting – expressive arts, music, breathing and calming techniques, movement, story telling, and lots of hugging!

Give the gift of joy, companionship, and creativity to the ones you love and respect today!


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Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a lasting and sustainable transformation as the horses inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your best self.

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