Horse as Teacher: The Path to Relationship

Explore the spiritual link between horse and human in the second book of the Horse As Teacher series. It inspires readers to see not only the beauty of horses, but to understand horses’ natural ability to transform lives through relationships.

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Horse as Teacher l Unbridling Your Brilliance
My story in this volume was inspired by the courageous women that my herd and I have supported to live empowered lives through life coaching and equine/horse assisted/guided learning.

Horse As Teacher

This collection of short stories about horses is both inspirational and heart-warming and I am honoured to be a part of it.

I have been tuning into the behaviour, spirit and language of horses for over 10 years as a Horse listener, Personal and Life Coach in British Columbia Canada. During our women’s retreats, leadership building and team development workshops, and personal coaching sessions, I encounter more and more untold stories of women and their strength to transform themselves. It is time to share my experience with you of the healing and transformative power of the relationship between women and horses.

My horses have given me an incredible sense of empathy and intuitive knowing about myself and others. Horses have allowed me to finally find my own voice and speak out through my divine source. Through them, I have achieved personal growth and balance in my life.

I wrote this story for each of you, so that you too can say what needs to be said and stop hiding.

As women in today’s world our calling is clear – our divine feminine is fully awake as never before and is yearning to be heard.

Answer the call…

Let me know how you like the story, and what it unlocks inside of you. I want you to join the dance of freedom and let your soul be inspired to balance, leadership, personal growth and success! I want you to fall unconditionally in love with yourself!



To purchase the book visit Amazon

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