Unbridling Your Brilliance Programs


“My work with you was invaluable in supporting me to accept my gifts and take them out into the world even though I am a horse novice. And I will always treasure my experience in the round pen with Ali as we aligned at such a deep level – I draw on this often as a way of staying connected to authenticity.”



“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at Healing Heart Sanctuary. I felt instantly at home and as my openness grew, my heart in ever so subtle ways, resonated with the horses’ unconditional  love and acceptance. With Linda-Ann’s coaching my issues became clear. The biggest break through, eye opener, AHA moment happened through the presence and action of Genevieve, a black mare. During the session, she physically nudged me off the table, then stayed near me in an intimate and nonverbal heart space. I heard/felt a strong message for my healing and my life – it was a moment of surprise, sweet, simple, clear and unmistaken.

I am so grateful that through this personal coaching experience under the guidance of Linda-Ann and her assistant I was able to take a leap and take charge of my life. Thank you Linda-Ann for making this special work available to people.”



Hug a Horse Program


“Thank you so very much Linda-Ann for having us and allowing us to spend time with Celeste and have lunch on the property. The ladies are still talking about this and were very grateful to be able to have that experience.”

Celeste Bouffard, Recreation Manager
Retirement Concepts 


Learn With Horses Programs


“Thank you for a gorgeous and empowering session on Tuesday! The next day we had a team meeting. One of my colleagues mentioned that she experienced me as having arrived fully with both of my feet on the ground, that I have established myself. This comment reflects the tremendous abundance and love of my colleagues and also the fabulous outcome of my coaching session with you and Prince. Thank you for making sure that I really got what I needed. I have since been experiencing greater freedom and courage. The session is a true gift for me. I also appreciate the chakra piece and will follow up with the questions.”

Cathryn Lecorre, Education Consultant
People Development Services, Fraser Health Authority (Vancouver, BC)


“Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and Kingson for this experience. The session helped me to learn authenticity with myself and others, create a vision that I believe in, and go for it! I’ve learned that leadership doesn’t have to be difficult if you know your intention and are truthful about it. I’ve learned that you cannot force people to do what you want, but rather invite them to engage with you and your journey. Thank you with all my heart for an experience with our team that was beyond what I could have ever hoped for.”



“I learned a lot through the equine assisted learning, as I discovered through my own intuition, presence and energy about leading with intention and clarity. I learned about the principle of “permission” to enter a person’s space, the potential effect of my own energy, the value of being purposeful, clear and centered, and the importance of heightened, intuitive awareness. I was delighted that our administrative folks took risks and discovered their own leadership abilities.  It was so great that they stepped up to the plate, and gained new confidence through self-discovery. It was an enlightening, relaxing, fun, and rewarding experience in a beautiful and natural setting.”



“Leading with Horses was a provocative and transformative experience. As leaders, we need to be open to wisdom from all sources, and these animals along with Linda-Ann’s experience and wisdom provided a unique learning opportunity.”

Sandra Rice, Previous Coordinator
Centre for Leadership and Community Learning Justice Institute of British Columbia


“During my session with Linda-Ann and the horses, I learned the importance my inner state and ‘energy,’ and how the horses can sense this. I learned that I was on ‘horse time.’ I could not push my agenda, or focus on ‘getting it right’ by a certain time. As I went with the flow, and followed the horse’s lead, I learned how to be in partnership with the horse. There was a point where the horse required me to lead—once trust was established, I was expected to lead. In fact, it was like the horse wanted me to ‘get on with it’ and give clear direction! I found what I was looking for and more: A day of joy, connection, and powerful learning.”



“Working with the horses was a profound learning experience. Linda-Ann adeptly guided us through a process that revealed how important the subtle, non-verbal communications was in leading the horses through several exercises. The lessons learned translated directly into my day-to-day work life and have helped me lead my team with greater confidence and effectiveness. I started the day expecting something wonderful, and my expectations were far exceeded.”

Geoff Routledge, Manager
Canfor Forest Products (Vancouver, BC)


“My experience with the Unbridling program assisted me in overcoming my fear of horses which was a minor miracle given I was terrified. I was able to understand how fear was also debilitating me in both my personal and business life. This program and working with Linda-Ann allowed me to experience my personal power in an almost effortless way as I worked with the horses. I left with a strategy and frame of reference to work through personal and business challenges in a new way. I can highly recommend the program for both business and personal transformation.”

Sharon Smith-Swan
S3 Communications


“Before I came into my coaching relationship with Linda-Ann, I felt stagnant in my position. Although I was still effectively leading the staff that directly reported to me, I was not feeling cohesion with my leadership peers. As a result of working with Linda-Ann, I can now be an active participant within this team and have been given the gift of a new skill set that allows me to take care of myself in the process.  I highly recommend Linda-Ann as a coach because she truly thinks outside the box and helps you identify your needs, not through direction from her, but through enlightenment of oneself.”

Cassandra, Supervisor
Health Care Industry


“I highly recommend this as a team building experience – long lasting learning happens each time!” 

Kristen Corrigan


“Absolutely loved our weekend retreat with Linda-Ann Bowling. So much fun for my staff and we left with really long lasting and applicable benefits.” 

Lorraine Dean



HorsePower for Youth Programs


“Before I started this program, I was so scared of the World and shy that I couldn’t even leave my house. I hadn’t been going to school for 2 years and I had no friends. Youth with Purpose helped me to grow so much confidence – this was a big deal for me. I’ve learned so many life skills which I can use. I’ve also learned how to accept myself, and that’s helped me to accept others. This program has been life-changing for me.”



“Before this program, I wanted to work by myself – I didn’t do the “group thing.” What I’ve learned through Youth with Purpose has helped me to be more social. Now I want to work with people in my class, and I’m not too shy to ask for help from teachers. Before, when I was having a bad day, it was hard to control my emotions – now I’m able to do so. This program has helped me to feel better about myself.”


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