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Is Your Team looking for the Most Incredible Team-Building Experience?

Do your Leaders Need Inspiration and Innovation?

Equine assisted learning is one of the most effective leadership learning and development programs.  No matter what leadership or team challenge you might be facing, learning with horses will provide incredible insight, reflection, and a renewed self-awareness.  Leaders and teams will walk away with a profound sense of their true leadership and followership style.

Learn with Horses, Located in Beautiful Langley, BC Offers:

  • Corporate Team-Building events, and
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching based on equine assisted learning, a form of learning facilitated by horses, using safe and powerful non-riding activities.

Our corporate events include Leadership & Team Building RetreatsLeadership & Business Coaching, and Personalized Business Women’s Retreats.

Learn Leadership & Teamwork with Horses

  • Are you looking for an innovative team building workshop and an ultimate learning experience for your team?
  • How about a corporate team building activity that provides immediate benefit and ROI to your company?
  • What if there was a corporate retreat where everyone walked away at the end of the session with new skills that could immediately be applied back in the workplace?

Watch a Live Team-building Event and Experience the Solution!

What Makes the Program Unique & Innovative?

The learning is guided by a herd of horses… why?

  • Equine assisted learning provides powerful interactions with horses in an experiential process. Horses live in herds, not unlike our human teams. Each herd is a community of different styles and personalities. They move through the stages of team development just like we humans do – forming, storming, norming, performing, and transforming
  • For hundreds of years these herds have negotiated their space, learned to work together effectively, communicate clearly, and built safety and comfort for their survival
  • They know how to make clear requests, learn from each other, maintain healthy boundaries, and build strong leadership – and they do it naturally!

Horses are incredible teachers, providing real-time feedback with an immediacy of action that allows us to know ourselves better and become more self-aware at a deep, transformative level. As a result, horse guided learning is one of the most interactive and powerful ways of learning today.

Horses love to play. They live in social structures just like we humans do, and they form strong bonds with each other. Imagine what a 1200-pound horse could teach you about being a great team-member or leader!

Results Talk!

Our business coaching sessions and leadership retreats will deliver solid, sustainable results that your team will be talking about for months. Unlike a ropes course, or another “feel-good” day, this program promises to provide your team and leaders with immediate benefit. Whether you want to learn to:

  • Resolve conflict more effectively,
  • Manage change and build solid change-management skills,
  • Build trust and respect within your team,
  • Break down silos across the organization, or
  • Just provide your team with a great day of fun, relaxation, and learning.

Learn with Horses will give you a leadership training or team development experience that is leading-edge. Join hundreds of companies around the world who have chosen to step out from the others and take the reins of innovation.


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Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a lasting and sustainable transformation as the horses inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your best self.

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