Unbridling Your Brilliance

6 Month Intensive for Individuals New to the Equine Work

Looking for an inspiring new career? Become an Equine Guided Facilitator in 6 Months!

UYB 6 Month Intensive for Individuals

You love horses! You have always been inspired to convert your hobby to a full-fledged career but didn’t know how. This program is for you if you are looking for formal training in the Equine field. Our 6 month intensive program is more than a training program. Carefully selected individuals will be guided during these 6 months with the goal of preparing them to either run their own program, or to be part of our programs as they build their practice.


Unbridling Your Brilliance l 6 Month Intensive Equine Work

The UYB 6 Month Intensive Program is based on 7 key learning principles:

  1. Conscious awareness – You cannot change those you cannot see.
  2. Intention – Setting your intention to create motivation and inspiration to both horse and human.
  3. Con su permisso – Creating a safe space for both horse and human to interact with full permission and challenge by choice.
  4. Intuition – Learning how to understand the difference between intuition and rational thinking.
  5. Mindfulness – Learning how to focus your body, mind, and spirit by focusing and being clear on what you want to create in your life.
  6. Congruency – Being in alignment with all parts of yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Saying how you feel and being able to have clarity with your own internal values.
  7. Allow, allow, allow– Learning how to “notice and release”, and give yourself permission to explore your thoughts and feelings in their fullness to expand your perceptions.

Your Facilitator:

Linda_Ann Bowling - Unbridling Your BrillianceLinda-Ann Bowling is a Master Coach who specializes in Horse Guided Coaching & Learning.  She developed the Heart/Mind Coaching Method©, Somatics coaching, is certified in conflict resolution, and highly skilled in leadership and team development and change/transition management.

She is a strong advocate of authentic leadership, participatory teamwork, and personal growth and development. Linda-Ann is a graduate with merit of the Adventures in Awareness program from Tucson, Arizona developed by Barbara Rector, a pioneer in this work. She has been practicing in this field for 10 years and has worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life. Her transformational coaching approach uses a unique approach and addresses the areas of:

  • Language – How we hold conversations and coordinate action with each other.
  • Emotions – What are they, the messages behind them, and how we can allow them to flow more naturally.
  • Mood – Conversation produces a “way of being” in the world; how we can shift our moods and create new possibilities.
  • Body – Learning happens in the body; movement, posture, and gestures say a great deal about how we observe the world and what action we take.

Linda-Ann is certified in the following programs:

Linda-Ann is certified in Equine Guided Coaching through the Adventures in Awareness Program out of Tucson, ArizonaShe graduated with honours. Linda-Ann has also completed the following equine programs:

Begin your learning and become a highly skilled facilitator through this one of a kind program!


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Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a lasting and sustainable transformation as the horses inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your best self.

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