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Serenity with Horses Addiction Recovery

Our equine-guided serenity program provides a safe space for you to build trust, learn new skills, better understand your emotions, and learn how to manage the stress in your life. Most importantly you will explore all of this in an environment completely free from judgment. Simply spending time with the horses in a safe space will build incredible self-esteem, balance, and fulfillment. The result is a transformation that is sustainable.


Why Horses?

As herd animals horses have the uncanny abilityHorses are teachers - equine guided learning for addiction recovery to sense energetic and emotional currents in the people around them. They provide you with immediate feedback in response to actions and emotional states. This allows you to gain insight into yourself, become more self-aware, increase your emotional intelligence, and discover the importance of self-love and acceptance.

Don’t wait another day to start this journey to your new life. Contact me today to schedule your program with the horses and become the best version of yourself!

Program Benefits

Benefits of our Equine Guided Addiction Recovery Program:

  • Stronger sense of self and purpose in life,
  • Improved sense of worth,
  • Greater confidence,
  • Making better choices,
  • Ability to set healthy boundaries,
  • Learn how to live a full and fulfilling life, and
  • Greater overall sense of well-being.

This program is offered to individuals as well as groups through agency referrals.

This program will change your life – don’t wait, contact me today to book your first session with the horses!


Overcome your addiction with the help of the horses in our addiction recovery program Serenity With Horses

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