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Business Women’s Retreats

As a woman in business, demands on your time have increased exponentially over the past several years. Our families, technology and teams at work are all calling for our attention.

  • How do you do it without burning out?
  • What is the toll this fast-paced life takes on you?
  • How do achieve work life balance and find time for yourself?
  • How do you overcome the guilt of sneaking away for a few hours?

Image the idea of a business retreat or a weekend retreat where you are surrounded by the warm sun and the sounds of nature all around you. Image the beautiful and fresh aroma of a new spring, summer, or fall day! 

Immerse yourself in this place for a few moments… what do you notice? Tune into your body’s relaxation and immerse yourself in the feeling. Have your fingers or toes uncurled? Does your jaw feel more relaxed? Are you more conscious of your breathing? Our powerful retreats for women will help you learn techniques to center yourself and re-focus, using techniques of equine therapy and the natural environment around you.

In our customized business women’s retreats and workshops, we provide life and leadership coaching where busy women executives like you will learn new practices to support living a fuller, richer life. Develop your leadership and team building skills, learn the techniques of business success and explore the power of your own mind in your interactions with your environment.

Begin living your own best life – this one – each day. You will be able to do it better for others if you first learn how to take into yourself. 

Our Women’s Retreats Include:

  • Individual 1, 2, or 3 day retreats (weekend or weekday programs are available)
  • Small gatherings with friends or families

Choose From:

  • *The Boundary Dance: Learning what is really yours!
  • *Field of Dreams: Expanding your capacity to make possibilities realities.
  • Finding the Leader Within: Rediscovering your inner leader.
  • Heart Based Leadership: Resilience, agility, and the power of emotions.
  • The Dance of Transition: Navigating through the ambiguity of change.
  • Or create your own.

(*Titles used with permission from Linda Kohanov, Way  of the Horse)

All of our executive women’s retreats include the opportunity to rest and renew yourself at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast, including spa treatments, walks in the park, expressive arts, time with the horses, and even riding lessons! Most of our business retreats and coaching workshops are held near Vancouver at Healing Heart Sanctuary in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Special retreats may be held in other parts of British Columbia and the Lower Mainland.


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Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a lasting and sustainable transformation as the horses inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your best self.

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