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Leadership and Business Coaching

Profoundly shift how you lead your team with this unique, innovative and powerful process. Increase your emotional intelligence and improve your decision-making capabilities.

Leadership Development Training for Clarity, Action & Results

Our leadership development retreats are held at a beautiful coaching studio in Surrey, BC (only an hour’s drive from Vancouver). Get energized and relaxed at this serene location in the midst of nature as Master Leadership & Business Coach, Linda-Ann Bowling guides you through a journey of self-discover and profound transformation.

Our result-driven training is based on equine-based learning where we’ll work with the horses on the ground in a safe and transformative way that will allow you to tune into all parts of yourself. Your horse will help lead and empower you, as you build a stronger connection to your authenticity and your place of leadership presence and power. You will:

leadership development session at Unbridling Your Brilliance

  • Gain clarity by aligning your vision to your business and life goals
  • Learn how to break through barriers holding you back from your full potential
  • Understand how your thoughts and beliefs hold you captive, and
  • Get insights on what steps you need to take first to move you forward.

Leadership and Business Coaching

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Navigate Today’s Dynamic Business Environment with the Heart-Mind Coaching Method

Our solution-focused leadership development training equips leaders and managers in varying organizational settings improve their performance and better manage change and uncertainty by partnering with horses.

In our one-to-one coaching sessions, Linda-Ann will guide you through her Heart-Mind™ Coaching method that focuses on self-development and deep profound transformation. The Heart-Mind™ Coaching method, coupled with coaching with horses, promotes personal change by working through the intuitive and empathic nature of horses.

All our equine guided leadership coaching sessions are done through ground-work and there is no riding or mounted work required. You will learn to tune in to messages of growth from your own special horse-teacher.

The Heart-Mind™ Coaching method will guide you to:

  • Discover your leadership style, and help you understand how to tap into your strengths through real-time feedback,
  • Understand the generative nature of language and how to speak differently in the world,
  • Move from having emotional intelligence to emotional brilliance, and
  • Lead your team from a place of authenticity and compassion while balancing the needs of the organization.

horse guided leadership coaching surrey, bcDrawing from the teaching of many Leadership and Team Leading Practices, along with Linda-Ann’s years of experience in training hundreds of people from different walks of life, you will walk away with practical strategies you can apply right away.

One of the first steps in our leadership course that promotes real change is to practice self-awareness. Self-awareness comes from that ability to see yourself operating in the world from outside yourself.

Personal executive coaching principles and leadership practices that support this view include:

  • Finding your Leadership Center, and operating from there every day!
  • Learning to use language that is clear and that creates engagement.
  • Tuning into your internal self-talk and the beliefs that keep you from moving into that place of power and passion!

The Heart-Mind™ Coaching Method and Coaching with Horses is amazing, sustainable, and provides lasting results!

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