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Personalized Retreats

Are you in transition and wanting to de-stress, recharge, and re-discover your inner self? Do you feel a calling to re-discover who you really are, and what you want most in life?

It’s time to re-examine your life, create better balance, get away from the grind, and grow your whole self – body, heart, mind, and spirit!

More and more people today are tapping into the transformative power of retreats.  These retreats are customized for you, and are offered as individual programs (not group).

Top 3 reasons why you should choose an equine-guided personal retreat to re-energize, re-balance and re-connect with yourself:

  • For self-care and to navigate career and life transitions – Personalized individual retreats offer you a perfect get-away to immerse yourself in the healing power of nature and horses. The program helps you reflect, create a better sense of self, and ease the transition to the next stage in your life.
  • To find purpose and spiritual renewal – “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer. Through Horse guided learning you can re-align yourself to your emotional and spiritual self, gain new perspectives into your world and yourself. These are the key steps towards transformation and personal growth, and reconnecting with your life’s purpose!
  • For person healing and to create new unlimited possibilities for your life – Difficult personal experiences such as illness and other family circumstances require you to step back and process everything – especially when you are balancing your personal and professional worlds. Horse guided retreats offer a unique way to heal while bringing more clarity and peace in your life.

Contact me today and reclaim all that you are. Choose from our personal one-on-one retreats, spiritual healing retreats, or cancer warrior retreats and renew yourself from the inside out!

Spiritual Healing Retreats

Through creative rituals and partnering in deep community with our horses, you will come to know yourself in a whole new way. A way that will allow you to step into your power and regain your equilibrium while you heal and transform safely and courageously.

Retreats include tabletop healing facilitated by the horses including massage (by the horses), chakra re-alignment, divine, spirit based messaging, and much more.

Integrate self-renewal strategies into your daily life as you learn:

  • A conscious way of attending to yourself,
  • The beauty of silence enfolding and unfolding within you,
  • Self-healing practices that will stay with you forever,
  • Returning to center and gently exploring who you truly are or aspire to be, and
  • Discovery of your soul’s sacred contract.

Join Linda-Ann and her herd as they take you on a journey of self-discovery so that you can realign for the future and create a new beginning to live your best life!

*Retreats are customized for each individual person and range from 1 to 3 days.

Personalized Individual Retreats

Learn how to eliminate the limitations that create pain and struggle using The Work™ by Byron Katie and live more freely!

Our personalized individual retreat will help you:

  • Discover your soul’s divine mission,
  • Live a more intentional and conscious life,
  • Realize your potential,
  • Step out of the mental framework that holds you captive,
  • Allow your emotions to flow, be in balance, and tune into your inner self, and
  • Experience the world from a new perspective.

Linda-Ann and her herd of amazing horses have created a beautiful retreat center – a sacred space for your learning and self-development in the midst of nature.

Discover the magic of horse guided learning, create a bond with one of the herd, and discover new insights into yourself through your horse partner.

Healing from Cancer Retreats


Hoof Beats Back To Power© is a unique life-changing cancer survivor program that is focused on helping male and female survivors (as well as their friends and family) deal with their emotions as they go through their cancer healing process.


This non-riding program will gently support program participants towards inner transformation as they spend time with horses while surrounded by nature. By using methods such as meditation, breath work, yoga, heart connection, and choosing a horse as your partner, you will learn to:


  • Stay centered, abundant, and balanced as your healing journey continues,
  • Understand emotional wellness – horses don’t hide their feelings, and they support you in embracing the lessons behind our emotions,
  • Focus on leadership, boundary setting, and learning to ask for your true desires,
  • Notice, Observe, Release, and Allow N.O.R.A.© the emotions that no longer serve you. As a Master Coach, and Intuitive and Empathic Healer, Linda-Ann is highly skilled in interpreting the messages from the horses to help you do this, and you will 
  • Walk away with a new spring in your step, lightness in your heart, and a renewed strength within yourself!


Our cancer retreat program has gained the attention of and they published an article about Hoof Beats in their Health Action Magazine. Click here to read it.


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Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a lasting and sustainable transformation as the horses inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your best self.

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