Youth Development Programs based on Equine Assisted Therapy & Coaching

Youth Apprenticeship Program


An experience that will give you a head start for your future

Who is the Youth Apprenticeship Program for?

This apprenticeship program is for youth ages 18-25 who are interested in pursuing a career/vocation in Horse-Guided Learning, who wish to be part of a youth or adult learning program, or simply wish to immerse themselves in a powerful personal development program.

Our equine apprenticeship program will be modified for those with or without horse experience. All applicants must complete the application and interview process including nomination by a school counsellor, vice-principal, or other mentor/care provider.

All apprentices must have completion of Grade 10 to qualify as an approved apprentice.



In order to become a qualified apprentice, all participants are required to complete all coursework including horsemanship and lifemanship modules that have been specifically designed for this program.  Other modules may be required depending on the level of involvement and desire to move into formal equine certification.

Various reading and writing assignments must be completed. Successful completion of this program allows the participant to apply for the next level of apprenticeship within the Unbridling team.

Completion will include a written paper discussing the various principles and practices of the program, and practical application of the skills required to act in the role of an Unbridling apprentice. It is anticipated that apprentices will complete their formal learning within one year to 18 months.


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